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March of Lunam Mare


The March of Lunam Mare

Lunam Mare is the most inland territory within in the Kingdom of Coreathea. To our North, Alturius castle stands tall in all its glory, where the King and Queen of Coreathea live and rule their land. At the top of Lunam Mare is the River Azure, which is on the most north-eastern part of the territory and runs south-east which empties into Moon Beam Lake. Perpendicular to River Azure runs the River Amour which starts from the northern part of the isle and runs south. It is believed that the very first King and Queen of Coreathea had their first kiss by this river and has ever since been known as the “River of Love” or River Amour.

The Falls of Lunam Mare, which the river Azure empties into Moon Beam Lake is quite a wondrous site. The Falls are so massive in size, and yet so peaceful, gazing out among the falls takes your breath away. Moon Beam Lake is a very popular site to attend within the March. At the night, when the moon is at its highest position in the sky, it glares on the water and lights up the entire lake as if shimmers of precious jewels are showing off their grandeur and beauty.

With all the natural irrigation flowing through these lands, they make good grounds for floral and forestry. The March of Lunam Mare is represented by three cinquefoils on its heraldry. The cinquefoils represent the unique beauty that Lunam Mare brings to the Kingdom of Coreathea. Unlike its surrounding territories, Lunam Mare is immensely covered along its vast lands of flowers that are only indigenous to the island. Because of the location, these beautiful objects of nature can only grow near the presence of the overabundance of water that Lunam Mare gives, and therefore gives these lands their distinctive quality.

Following along the south of Lunam Mare are the Draconhaus Mountains. Very lush and full of much game for the villagers to hunt upon, the villagers of Lunam Mare very often enjoy the blessings of having meat to eat at every meal. In the most central part of Lunam Mare lies the Manor house of Lady Rose Marie Oliver, the Marquessa of Lunam Mare . There, the populace is always invited, where Lady Rose welcomes her fellow Coreatheans to join her in many projects for the kingdom such as dress making, jewelry work and just to visit and make good company. The March of Lunam Mare houses many talented members of the populace. The arts of music, theatre and dance are much encouraged in these parts and the villagers of Lunam Mare oft make appearances in many performances for the King and Queen of Coreathea, as well as many other performances put on by the Alturius Actors Guild. Any form of talent for any art, such as textile making, carpentry, masonry, blacksmithing and much more is always welcomed in the March of Lunam Mare. As a small March, the will to grow and build our talents to help better serve the Kingdom is always a goal that which the people of Lunam Mare pride themselves in accomplishing.

Heraldry of Lunam Mare

Per Chevron weverly, Azure, Argent and Sable. 3 Cinquefoils achief Or, Crescent facing up Or.

The field of the heraldry of Lunam Mare is represented by the color Azure and Sable, divided by a Per Chevron Weverly that is Argent in color. Three Or cinquefoils on the top of the field represent the unique beauty and quality that Lunam Mare brings to the Kingdom of Coreathea: Floral Provisions. Because the March of Lunam Mare is almost completely surrounded by small bodies of water, either by rivers, waterfalls and lakes alike, the color Azure covers the top portion of the field of the heraldry and surrounds the cinquefoils to represent this abundance of water that surrounds Lunam Mare. Without water, naturally plants and most life cannot exist; therefore, the Azure also represents the strength it gives to our land. The Or cinquefoils represent the beauty of our land and the hope and joy of our people. Much like how water sustains us and gives strength to the natural life around, the courage and faith of our people is like the running water; it gives strength to live on for the hope and joy life has to offer and is therefore represented in this Heraldry of Lunam Mare. The crescent moon on the bottom of the field represents the peace a tranquility that is felt here in the lands. The crescent moon also gives honor to the Moonbeam Lake that is famous in the territory. At night, the moon shines upon the lake and appears as beautiful, dancing lights upon the water and is a sight to behold.

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