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Motto: Many Hands, One Heart

The Kingdom of Coreathea is a historical re-enactment group dedicated to family, friends, and all aspects of historical renaissance life during the years from 1485-1603. As a guild for Age of Chivalry-Las Vegas faire, we are committed to education of speech, weapons, combat, garb creation, crafting, and period dance. We are equally excited about heraldry, daily Renaissance life, food, games, music and art for both adults and children of all ages. Mingling and playing, our members enjoy spending time with visitors from other lands in both their daily travels and at our Masquerade Ball. Our group welcomes new members that are interested in immersing themselves in history making new friends while exploring the past.

Come be a part of history with us. 

The year is 1571.

Home: Welcome

Daily Pursuits

Our kingdom is a busy place, filled with a flurry of activity and friendship. We were est. 30 October 2006. We are excited for all the years to come and we welcome you to join us building our future.


Coreatheans gather together for sewing workshops a few times per month. We assist each other with projects and help new sewers learn the craft. Even if you don’t sew, it is a perfect time to sit and get to know each other.

Men and woman gather to learn rapier, shinai, rattan, and steel combat skills. All ranges of fighters are welcome to join and learn. Tournaments highlight skills and progress. Archery is practiced at various locations around the nearby shire of Vegas of Las.


On occasion we host feasts and teas. Dancers practice and perform period dances, the theatre troupe encourages new explorations into Shakespeare and other period works. We volunteer for other non-profits and have been lucky to have worked with Make a Wish Foundation. Our goals are to build friendship and community, with bonds that last through the years.

Heavy Combat, LV Ren Faire 2017
Dance 1
Kingdom of Coreathea - Traveling Minstrels
Kingdom of Coreathea - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Abridged)

Kingdom of Coreathea Knights Creed

To the Death!!

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No upcoming events at the moment

If you would like to email us with questions please do so at the address below.

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