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Many Thanks for your Kingdom support!

Below are those who have supported us over the years. 

Thomas Deishley

Life sometimes brings you exactly who you need and for us, that was Thomas Deishley. He was a dear friend for years, but became our theatre director in 2012. We worked with him for two years and learned a great deal about theatre and acting during our time with him. He was a part of our guild family and very much loved and respected. A cruel act took him from us in December 2013, but the impact he made upon those of us who knew him will always be with us.


Bill Tackett

Our knight lost his battle and in turn we lost him. Bill was one of the earliest members of Coreathea and supported us during our early struggles. He was a good friend to the kingdom and its people. He always made everyone around him laugh and brought the young at heart out of all of us. He is missed dearly. To this day we still have gatherings around his huge wagon grill for fun and comradery. 

Battle Wolf 

Our privateers are often out at sea and difficult for us to spend as much time with as we would like, but we know our flag hangs on the mast of their ship and that in turn we hold them all dear to our hearts. We love every moment that we are able to interact and banter with these amazing people. We look forward to future adventures with them.


Alchemists of Light and Shadow

We have been most fortunate to have wonderful Alchemists through the years that have magically caught our portraits and allowed us to share visions of our Kingdom both near and far. Many thanks to Paul and Dee Dee Gustafson as well as Luann Wilson and all of the friends and family that have contributed throughout the years. We thank you all dearly.



Our wonderous minstrels play at each faire for us for many hours wearing their fingers to the bone. They add much ambiance and enjoyment to our encampment and lives with their beautiful music. We are ever thankful for their companionship and many talents they so graciously share.


Clark County Parks & Rec Staff & Volunteers 

Without these tirelessly working people, our fun and games and togetherness at our most beloved festival of the year would cease and much sadness would engulf our beloved citizens. We have worked for almost 15 years with Brian, Kim, Keith and Keith. We are so very thankful for the time and effort they put into setting up Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival. For allowing our service through the years, Her Majesty being Queen of Faire for many years, the Masquerade Ball, and other highlights of our years with them. We look forward to getting to know Jared better as time goes on and for all the plans together the future may hold. Each and every one of us thanks you all for everything you have done for us and may do in the future.

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