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The Queens Diary

Thy Royale Journal of Her Majesty, Kathryne Isabela de Gaulle, Queen of thy Kingdom of Coreathea


I am a queen.

I am a direct descendent of King Thomas and Queen Isabeau.  I, together with His Majesty, Quinlan Moriarty, rule a vast and strikingly beautiful isle kingdom. We are isolated from the rest of thy world with regard politics and problems, yet we are connected to both friend and foe by all the waters that surround us.  Our island is lush and diverse in her landscape and her people.  Only a speck in the map of our world, Coreathea is our home.  Built before my grandfather, Our castle is humble yet Alturius stands proud and strong looming high on a hill in the northeastern most point of thee island.  Built like a fortress, Alturius speaks of a history of instability and war.  A castle rough and hard on the outside, but filled with my history, my family, and so much love.  Alturius is thy castle that called me home to my father and brother.  To my past and to family.  It is now an anchor that keeps me still.  I believe that ruling a kingdom is an honor, but until you have lived along our cliffs, deep in the forest, where you can hear a waterfall or the brawls in a tavern, until you get to know the island and those who live on its land, you can’t imagine the honor of ruling this  kingdom….these people.  But, it is a job first where each new day reminds me of the enormous burden that lies always upon my shoulders.  Burdens are not always bad and this one comes much with reward that reminds me each and every day of who I am and that I am grateful for my position, my home, and my people.  It still stuns me to be here, sitting in my outer chamber writing in this diary, I remember my childhood.  And with my memories of my youth…I remember betrayal, childbirth, and long times of tumultuous travel, but most I remember waiting and yearning for something more, something else.  Yet, it is all so distant, so far away now.  Yet, I can remember it all if I read words of my own hand from the beginning…


14 March 1533-L’isle, France

My nurse, Sara, gave me this journal for my birthday.  ‘Tis my thought she means to keepest me still and free of trouble to her.  I do not believe this journal shall ease her head from its ache of me, but my love of Sara shall guidest my pen to these pages.  As well, ‘twould be a shame to ignore such a lovely gift.  Oh, and ‘tis lovely, with mine initials pressed deeply into thy soft leather front and thy edges of the pages gilded so beautifully in gold.  I know my Sara must have saved for a truly long time for me.  We had rode horses from the stable around the grounds as the sun rose slowly from beyond the rolling hillside.  We pleasured ourselves with a leisurely picnic in thy countryside and for mine 11th birthday.  ‘Tis always a special treat to roam out onto the grounds, I am so thankful to my sweet Sara for knowing my heart’s desire to be free of this brick tower that encases my life within its walls.


2 May 1533 Navarre France

Living, such as I, raised under the supervision of the French court is not oft as pleasurable or extraordinary as most do think.  I spend much of my time with tutors learning my family’s language of English, as well as some German and Spanish.  Even French I must endure, though I be fluent, it seems there are still poems to memorize and other oddities.  Always so much concern for learning what a proper young lady should know, I spend much time sitting and learning music and needlepoint of all kinds.  It bores me to sit still so.  Thy ladies around me entertain each other with song, stories, and castle gossip, but I find my mind wanders as they prattle on.  I drift far away and ponder on my family and a home I have ne’r known.  My mother died here at the castle when I was two years old.  Many members of her household have stayed on out of loyalty to my family.  I practice mine English with them oft and learn history of an island that is alive only in my mind; The Isle of Coreathea.  Mine ladies speak of their home with such love.  Coreathea is where I should be, but I was left here in France to be raised by my father’s closest childhood friend.  His Royal Grace, Grand Duke Richard II of L’isle, was the Noblesse de Chancellerie.  He held a high office for King Francis I of Navarre  

who rules Lower Navarre, though I be not sure exactly what ‘tis he did. His Grace died from what we think was a great infection in his foot which spread in color up his leg and left him feverish and weak when I was 8 summers.  His Majesty offered me a place to stay with his sister, Marguerite de Navarre. My father sent letter accepting that I be left in France at her Chataeu, as he thought it best I be raised here, that I would be well cared for, and I have.  Yet I wonder what my life would have been had my mother not taken ill, had we returned home.


28 October 1533

News from afar! Thy new and as rumored, not so verily popular Queen of England Anne Boleyn gave birth to a girl on the 7th  of September.  She was given thy name of Elizabeth after her two grandmothers.  I wish this wee one strength.  I would fear for my future growing up there, in England, immersed in such uncertain and hostile surroundings.


13 Dec 1533

Thy chateau bustles about with a ferocious energy as all prepare for a feast this e’en to honour friends of Her Majesty.  So many removes shall be served and hours of entertainment shall be enjoyed.   My presence was requested to sit beside thy Queen herself, an unfathomable honor.  I am beside myself and cannot still myself for one moment as I wait for time to slowly trickle past.  Although raised by her court, I see her most rarely and His Majesty even less oft.  But their kindnesses are felt and I have had a privileged childhood by their hand and the hands of their most intriguing daughter.

Anon…Lord Coren found himself attached to me this night.  I know him but barely.  He referred to me as Your Highness in conversation and I was horrified.  I waited for someone older than I to correct him, but everyone just smiled and continued on.  Mayhap ‘twas I whom should have corrected, but I was shocked into an awkward silence that only I seemed to be aware of.  I be but only a lady and to be addressed higher than I am due is unthinkable.  I ended up giving a clumsy curtsy and hastening away.  The rest of thy e’en was astonishingly etched forever in my mind.  Thy gowns flowed upon thy ladies so remarkably spinning and swaying in lush rich fabrics of deep jewel tones and soft blushes of satins, silks, and fur. Filling the room with texture and color, the ladies and equally impressive, the men dance before my eyes in a blur.  Oh, and the jewels that adorned both men and women!  Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, glittered endlessly under the glow of thousands of candles.  The removes were endless and the fragrant morsels and floral arrangements filled the room so strongly that it made my head feel dizzy.  Dancing went on for hours upon hours and all began to blur as thy night grew truly late and mine eyes fell heavily.  I wonder if this was what ‘twas like when the Grand Duke or Their Majesties had their coronation.  My parents had traveled here with my brother, Charles II, along with o’er 150 members of our household to see the Duke coronated.  Such a surprisingly large number for a nobleman and his family!  I have always wondered if my family was rich or only kindly assisted by His Grace.  I know so little about my real family; my sweet mother was Lady Victoria Kathryne Lancaster and my father Lord Charles Henry Alexander.  They are only whispers of a dream each night as I fall asleep.


8 April 1534

Master Eisking ensures me that now that I am 12 that my daily lessons shall be much more challenging.  This gives my nerves a fright, but I would not dare complain for I know how fortune shines upon me that I have been given the opportunity to be educated.  ‘Tis not oft such for girls such as I.  His Majesty sent me a most glorious mare for my birthday this year.  I have rushed away from my studies at every chance to gallop upon her beauty through thy green hills I call home here in Navarre.  Sara keeps asking wherefore I do not use this journal more oft. I have much preferred to sit in thy grass under thy shade of a glorious large tree behind the kitchen listening to the chatter of thy kitchen workers.  I enjoy speaking with them when they are busy not, which is surely rare.  Sometimes I work beside them peeling, chopping, or tasting, but more oft I am shoed away for fear that Someone would not approve of my presence in the workplace of commoners.  My household presented me with books for my birth year, though I suspect they were assisted by the lady of the house. Such a remarkable gift, thy written word, and mine nurse says I be truly lucky to have such things.  I suppose she means because I am a girl, but indeed such lovely books be a fine gift to girl or boy.  I wish to go run to thy stream with thy boys, to swim, climb trees, sword fight, and travel to thy town down thy hill, but all this is denied me.  The larger I see thy world is around us, the smaller this old chateau seems.


23 April 1534

Rode my sweet mare, Bessy, all day today.  I lay upon her warm back watching thy sunset.  I have spent much time thinking upon my family that lives on the isle of Coreathea.  I have asked without much response.  I wonder now if maybe I have not been quite clear in mine asking!!!!!!


8 May 1534

Nothing.  They  will say nothing.  I shall seek audience with His Majesty when he visits after his hunting trip.  I be truly confused by this deafening silence.  I fear that something horrible is being kept from me.  Sara did tell me that today was my maternal grandmother’s birthday.  She has since died.  Another loss, another gaping hole in what might be a part of me.



3 June 1534

I always anticipate the summer days.  My studies are lightened for the warmer months and I am allowed time with my cousin, Serena.  She is almost 2 years younger than I, but we get along with a comfortable ease and I enjoy the time with someone near my own age.  Serena and her parents are a part of my household, her mother and father,  Jean and Michel De La Barre, my Aunt and Uncle, traveled here from Coreathea with my parents and stayed behind to watch o’er me as requested by my father. 


1 July 1534

Danced most of thy e’en in thy My Lady’s outer chamber.  We had a masque and danced country dances of England for hours of entertainment.  What made this thy best day e’er, was that this morning, I was presented with 18 letters from my brother and my father from Coreathea!  My pleas have been answered at last.  After thy merriment of the eve was o’er, His Majesty called me to him for a private audience.  He had been informed of my pleas for answers in his absence. He explained that he had been keeping these letters, that the Duke had entrusted to him before his death,  from me until I was mature enow to read them.  I have them under my pillow and shall sleep upon them this e’en, reading them in the morrow.  HisMajesty wishes to see me upon thy dawn after we break our fast.  I have never had so much of His Majesty’s time and I find it thrilling!  I shall be sure to read my letters by then.


2 July 1534

A Princess!  Princess Kathryne Isabela de Gaulle.  So many questions that lead to so many more questions. My head spins wildly upon my shoulders as I try to take in what this means.  I found no sleep last eve as I tossed restlessly wondering what I would find in the letters as I read them.  I walk upon a cloud, feeling nothing but a haze around me as I try to absorb the words of my father and brother.  It saddens me they thought I cared not to respond to them for these many years.  I long to feel arms I have never seen wrap around me in a long embrace.


19 August 1534

His Majesty along with Marguerite and I have spent many hours talking late into thy night hours, as this is the only time they have free together from the burdens of their positions to speak at length with me. 


Now I know….

In 1521 my father and my mother, the King and Queen of thy Kingdom of Coreathea (I still feel great disbelief at this), traveled for many months to finally arrive in L’isle, France for a holiday brought about so that my father might be at thy long awaited coronation of his closest childhood friend, Richard.  His Majesty, King Francis I, was paying a grand tribute to Richard for his great show of bravery in battle, most notably for saving His Majesty’s life on more than one occasion.  ‘Twas decided the family would travel together, as my mother was from France and quite homesick to see her native land.  As can be imagined a large household traveling together moves slowly, but they made their way to the castle in L’sle arriving during thy freezing month of October 1521 with my 12 year old brother, Prince Henry Charles II.  Traveling while pregnant in harsh weather proved too much for my mother.  She took seriously ill and was forced to take her lying in time with me earlier than intended.  I was born healthy and strong on thy 28th day of February 1522.  Thy last few months of mother’s pregnancy left her weak and oft ill.  She was given a nursemaid, Sara, my Sara, to help nurse me and care for me as she tried to regain her strength.  My father, pulled by the great demand for royal presence on the island, needed to return home to Coreathea.  He had no choice but to leave my mother with her ladies, as she was much too ill for the long journey back home.  He also left her part of their household, and some personal guards under thy direct care and command of the Grand Duke.  Many tears and long goodbyes o’er,  my father left us alone in France, as he returned to the island with most of our household and my brother.  My mother ne’r grew strong enow to travel home.  She grew more fragile with thy passing of time not regaining her strength and rarely leaving her chambers.  Several months into my 2nd year she passed on, ne’r having seen her husband or other children again.  The Grand Duke, as a favor to my father, agreed to raise me in thy French court away from thy pressures and politics of being a princess.  Sara was given charge of my care, and in time became second mother and a most trusted and beloved friend, essentially my whole world. Spacious quarters were given for my living quarters and my household and tutors were assigned to me at the youngest of age.   As I am ne’r expected to wear thy crown of my kingdom, my father wished a childhood of love and peace for me. When His Grace died, the King knowing my situation, offered to my father to continue my education and upbringing as planned under his direction and the guidance of his lovely sister.  I would be taught all thy romantic languages as well as my native tongue, English.  I would be educated in fine arts, dance, horsemanship, and taught an appreciation of music.  I would be allowed to play and grow without worry or fear for my future or the future of those around me… and so I was.


28 February 1535

‘Tis thy 13th anniversary of thy year of my birth.  Letters come regularly now from my father and my brother.  So many years wondering wherefore no one cared enow to stay in touch with me answered now with an outpouring of love and a hope to see each other as soon as the waves of the ocean can pull their ship to me.  I hear stories of Coreathea and the people that live there and I am beginning to feel a kinship with these people and a fondness for their personalities and lives.  I must say that I was torn with my feelings concerning my sweet cousin, Serena.  She kept this secret from me about my life for all these years, but I know that it was not her choice.  Now that the truth has been shared with me, we together with those of my original household can speak openly and express our joy at the thought of traveling to a place I have not yet seen, but they miss immensely.


31 March 1535

Prince Henry II turns 16 today.  I do wonder how he fares.  Henry was born in the royal Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris.  It must be so difficult to be thy son of Francis I.  It is so hard to believe Francis I would exchange his own sons for his freedom from Spain’s Holy Roman Emperor!  Poor Henry!  How horrible it must have been being trapped there for three years.  And then to be married at 14, just one year older than I.  But I hear that he is now involved with a 35 year old woman named Diane de Poitiers.  Who knows if such gossip is true, but how I hope for his sake ‘tis not, as well as for the sake of his wife Catherine. 

5 September 1535

Happy Birthday Sara!!!!  My Sara is 50 years.  My most cherished nurse and confidant has lived a long life.  It pains me to watch as her health suffers.  I have made sure to have many maids and such at her easy disposal so that she may still feel in control without having to exert herself on mine or anyone or any other soul’s behalf.  My Sara means the world to me and is a dear friend to all that know her.


21 October 1535

I grow weary of these walls.  I feel myself pulled to a place mine eyes have ne’er seen.  I have heard from my sister this month.  She, too, has been denied the chance to grow up on the island.  She lives at a large estate in a small town in Germany.  Father wished her the same upbringing as I, but chose for a reason unknown to me to keep us apart from one another.  But, my sister seems not to have had the same joy and love in her youth as I.  Nor does she share thy same yearning to travel home. She seems bitter, hateful, and manipulative.  Perhaps I am luckier than I believed to be in France and not elsewhere.


9 April 1536

Grief envelopes my heart!  My sweet beloved Sara has left me.  She grew most ill with fever several weeks past.  They would not allow me to tend to my nurse in her time of need.  Said I mustn’t make myself vulnerable to thy fever.  I fought and cried in the arms of my ladies while they spoke to me of responsibility and my place in my family,  I only heard pieces words as I cried in despair for my nurse and strangely for the mother I never knew.   I wrote to Sara every day as she laid upon her deathbed, commanding her caretakers to read my letters to her.  I told her how much I need her and love her, how much she has meant to me all my years. She sent word back that she shall always cherish her m’petite.  I ache with a sadness so deep I fear for my soul.  Serena was allowed to stay with me this eve, so distraught was I at my loss.


15 April 1536

Word has come.  Katherine of Aragon has passed.  I had heard her a great Queen.  I care not much for the politics and affairs of Royals, but it seems thy poor Dowager Princess was given a wrongful lot and I feel a sadness for this woman whom I have heard much, yet ne’r met.


10 April 1537

A year hast past since mine adoring  nurse was lifted to thy heavens.  A year in which my life has changed beyond any glimmer of recognition.  My lessons have become rare and in their stead I have been spending much of my time with thy loyal Coreatheans that have still remained to watch o’er me.  Practicing my English has become of most importance as I learn of Coreathea’s history and prepare to return to thy island.  It has been a growing desire to leave here and return home o’er this last year.  I long deeply to see my father and my brother, the ocean, and thy rolling hills with flowered green upon thy horizon. 


24 April 1537

Mine eyes blur over in anger at all I cast them upon.  His Majesty sent to me an ambassador who has just informed me that I am to be betrothed to Duke Charles Burleigh of Spain.  I know not of love for any man, but my heart had always known I would marry for love, deep and true.  ‘Tis a bitter cruelness to behold mine own father who I have no memory of has cast me upon another that I know not!


30 June 1537

So quickly time passes from me.  My world is a whirlwind with fittings for gowns, lessons in Spanish, dance, history, and hours of speaking to My Lady and my household.  Aye, my household.  All thy Coreatheans, as well as several of my French ladies and maids, shall accompany me on mine journey home.  Excitement grows as everyone gossips about those they knew so well and how they might have changed.  I enjoy their stories of family and friends and feel as though I know many of thy citizens that soon I shall meet for just thy first time.  My joy of going home is marred by thy knowledge that I shall be forced to marry this faceless Spanish Duke I know naught of.


2 August 1537

I have no control over my life!  T’was bad enow to be told who I am to marry, but to make the horrible unbearable I must now travel to Spain to marry him.  T’was agreed he would travel to Coreathea to wed me, but for political reasons this has been renegotiated!  This delays our return home greatly and causes much sadness.  I was promised by his emissary that we shall all travel to Coreathea as soon as thy wedding celebrations have finished.  I must onto fittings now. 


3 August 1537

I feel a numbness spreading into my being as my life becomes not owned by myself, but even as this I know so much worse could be my fate.  We heard this day that Queen Anne Boleyn was put ‘ere the executioner accused of incest with her brother, George as well as several other lovers.  ‘Tis said they were tried in the tower in front of 2000 people.  How horrifying!  ‘Tis custom for a person accused of incest to be burned at thy stake, but King Henry hired a French swordsman to cut through Anne’s neck.  This day I am happy even for mine own bitter existence.


28 February 1538

I am 16.  On the morrow we leave for Spain.  My peace is that that Serena shall accompany me into the pits of hell.


2 September 1538

We were married.  Married and Crowned Princess Kathryne Isabela of Coreathea, Duchess of Margot.  Nothing is as I would have dreamed.  I swim alone in thy greatest sea of sorrow.  I care not if I drown.


17 September 1538

Such a breathtakingly beautiful wedding gave me to such a cold distant man with no depth to his character.  No dreams or aspirations.  No spark to life.  He is an empty shell of a person that uses humor and childish whim to mask his shortcomings.  My household, even Serena and my uncle, was replaced with a completely Spanish one.  I struggle to learn customs and fluency to their language.  I am now completely alone.


19 October 1538

Still no plans to leave Spain to travel to Coreathea.  I am evaded when I push for answers.  I have had no contact with my father or brother since moving to Spain.  I send letters oft pleading for rescue, sent secretly through my fellow Coreatheans when I perchance to meet them wandering in thy halls.  It breaks me when I see my sadness reflected upon their faces.  We are prisoners in a hostile land.  And salt poured into an open wound, this day I hear that Serena has left with her father to travel.  I do not blame her for going.. only wish I could go beside her. 


2 November 1539

Giving my body to a man who shares no love with me kills my soul. 


2 January 1540

A small kindness.  My beautiful Bess arrived today.  I spent thy whole day at thy stable cherishing her during our reunion.  She is my truest connection to happier days gone from me now. Her presence is as a balm to my broken heart.  I anticipate many hours upon her back as we sour through the hills together.  If only I could escape this insanity upon my steed.  


7 June 1540

A letter from my brother was smuggled to me today.  They are worried about me and demanding answers from Charles.  He is furious that I was separated from my ladies and guards.  I be comforted by his concern.  This letter hast given me hope that one day still I may step upon the shores of my island home and feel the embrace of my father’s arms.


3 April 1542

I have learned not to hope upon rescue.  My marriage is a void.  My husband rarely calls me to his bed and I initiate no contact.  It should please me that he seems not interested in having a mistress to please him, but his odd peculiarities are just one more reality that creates this sad world I must now endure.  Letters continue to find me from my father and brother.  They speak words of hope and patience.  What they no longer speak of is my coming home.  They too have lost hope and I must give myself to the idea finally that this is my home now, that this is where someday I shall breathe my last breath.  Every day is but another step toward the day when it will all be over.  I have learned to communicate well enough now that I have become closer to a few of my Spanish ladies though most of them still view me as an imposter.  And I make no attempt to prove them wrong as I feel the same.  I wish not to be here and can convince myself not otherwise, so how would I convince them.  I belong in another place!


12 January 1544

I have not been well these last weeks.  I lose my stomach at every thought and smell.  Though for thy most part I still feel well.  My foreign ladies whisper oft behind me.  I miss having friends.  I miss having someone to confide in.  I miss having someone to trust.


9 February1544

I be with child!  A baby!  I do not even know what to think.  I know what I feel though.. Elated!  Someone that I can love in this God-forsaken country. I hope ‘tis a girl.


July 4 1544

Charles is happy about the baby, at least superficially.  He puts on an amazing show in front of others.  Adoring husband, excited expectant father!  Such a farce!  I have immersed myself in the business of a mother preparing for her first born and have managed to make even this barren estate that is void of warmth or love someplace where I can find excitement for my baby to come.  


August 12 1544

I feel as big as a house.  ‘tis getting uncomfortable to move as I grow round in size.  I have moved to my lying in chamber now.  I sit most of thy day, when not drifting into slumber, in deep prayer for a healthy baby.  I have been erratically emotional.  Charles has allowed me thy return of mine own ladies of Coreathea to console me for fear I shall lose the baby.  Though fear nags at me always that something might go wrong, I am surrounded again by those I love.   I be content to wait now.


24 August 1544

Charles has been presenting me with gifts.  An amazing pretend romantic!  If he only knew how deeply I hope for a girl.  His greatest offering came today when he announced that he found me a wet nurse.  We argued at length as I will not give over my baby to be nursed by another.  In the end he relented only for the sake of the baby as I grew greatly agitated.  I feel strong to have fought for this and to have won.  My value and opinion now valued only due to the child that I carry within.  Sad is the state of woman.


15 September 1544

Kiera Margaurite Burleigh was born yesterday ‘ere thy rising of the sun.  She is beautiful in a way I ne’r knew beauty exists.  I could ne’r have wished for more.  She is the comfort I needed for a bruised and battered heart.  My daughter.


17 March 1546

My baby grows and is healthy.  A bundle of curiousness with a ready smile and bouncy curls.  Loved by all here in the estate she brings life to us all.  And strangely has been the thread that brought our two households together into one.  Even Charles has been much more present and adores his daughter, though even now he is pretentious and wears a fake mask when before others.  We have no relations with each other, but common love for our child brings us together in a mutual politeness.


August 25 1547

‘Tis said that Diane became Henry I of France's most trusted confidante o’er the last years since his marriage to Catherine de’Medici and that she had considerable influence o’er him, even so far as to be signing royal documents. Poor Catherine didn’t have the personality to compete.  When his elder brother, Francis, died in 1536 Henry became heir to the throne and became King of France last month 25 July 1547 at Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Reims.  I wish to speak to Catherine’s ear and her heart.  Both of us lost in loveless marriages, trapped and alone in our own thoughts.  I wonder what has become of my Coz. 


1 March 1552

We do not speak anymore, Charles and I.  We give a ceremonial hello when our paths cross as is expected of our station and relationship.  My heart has grown cold for all but my sweet baby girl and I enjoy naught but her, Bessy, and thy companionship of my closest ladies. 


19 January 1557

We are to leave this place!  ‘Tis our time to make our way home at last.  I leave this land with bittersweet tears.  After years of pressure from my father, Charles has agreed to a divorce.  He has great need of a male heir and it seems I will not be giving him one.  I suppose I shall be alone the rest of my years, but this is no different than how I have lived thus.  At thy verily least I shall finally be home where I belong.  I was also given of our daughter, 2 summers now.  With whom I would not go.  I am weary of this world, but I am thrilled to be free to forge ahead and create now mine own existence.

11 March 1557

‘Tis finally time.  We have begun our long journey toward home.  I was introduced to a Sir William Polluck of Coreathea, a Knight of thy Royal Knights Council, who was sent by my father to escort me home as my personal guard.  It seemed to me he be as eager to return to this island of ours as am I!


May 3 1557

Unaccustomed to such lengthy travel has left me exhausted to my core.  Our ship finally reached thy Port of Coreathea, called Colombe de Port.  As we left our ship and set foot for the first time on this beautiful island, it seemed the whole world welcomed us.  The sun shone upon our faces but thy smiles shone brighter on all the faces as we walked along the pier and we watched friends and family yelling to one another and crying as they threw themselves into each others arms.  I stood with tears of guilt, relief, love, and joy all streaming down my face.  Kiera stood beside me and we watched for many moments ‘ere descending the ramp toward the small harbor town.  We marveled while taking in the people, the harbor town, and the land we could see for miles stretching before us.  The crowd parted and heads bowed as we split through the magnitude.  I was beside myself with emotion at this display on our behalf.  I have ne’r experienced such as this.  As we were escorted to a lovely horse-led carriage the crowd cheered as settled  upon the burgundy velvet buggy seat.  Keira and I watched the ocean shrink behind us as we rode through the softly rolling green hills sprinkled in yellow.  I could see homes scattered in the distance, not pasted together as they were in Spain.  I saw people tending fields and gardens, and women walking carrying baskets of herbs turning to wave and bow gracefully ‘ere returning to their task.  We passed a bubbling stream that led to a beautiful waterfall barely visible in the distance.  Kiera chattered beside me the whole way, delighted by all that she saw. We traveled on for a seemingly endless time drifting in and out of sleep.  Each time we awoke to new sights, sounds, and always the cheer of people no matter the time of day.   People lined each side of the road as we approached the castle.  They were throwing flowers and cheering as Kiera leaned out the window and waved wilding laughing with joy.  I barely spoke the whole ride from port to castle, only wanting to feel every emotion, see every sight of this land and etch it all into my mind forever.  All the places and smiling faces that I should have known from my childhood were now before me.  The shock of pure amazement made me lose my composure as I looked upon Alturius Castle for the first time.  So breathtaking in every way possibly imaginable! The view silenced even Kiera as we stared before us.  My tears flowed freely down my face as I realized that finally I was home.   


4 May 1557-Home

I had expected when I reached the long dreamed of castle I would be greeted like those upon the docks with arms of love and joy but instead I was met by Father’s High Steward.  I was a bit saddened, but the chaos of the moment distracted me, as I was helped out of the coach of white and gold by Sir William.  I ran my hand along the side of the magnificent white stallions as I passed beside.  The intricately carved castle doors loomed o’er me larger than any doors or even wall I had seen before.  I saw Bessy being led away to large threshold of the castle while we were ushered through the Courtyard and into a large circular library.   Then I was asked into a side room that was spacious and simply decorated.  I was feeling verily confused and suddenly ill at ease.  Wherefore wasn’t I going to my room?  Where was my family? A young woman entered the room and gave greetings to Kiera and myself.  She assured me that our household was arriving and those that would live at the castle were being attended to and taken to their rooms.  She asked Kiera to accompany her so that she might she her to her room and introduced herself to her as one of her attendants.  I saw Sir William and several others outside the door as they left, but I was alone in the room feeling disconnected and suddenly out of sorts after all the business followed but such sudden silence.  I didn’t dwell long as my surroundings o’er took my senses and I was drawn to admire the artwork and beautiful furnishing of the room.  A man startled me when he entered and quickly introduced himself to me as my father’s friend and Chancellor, Lord Walter McGreggor. I knew this name from letters from my father.  He explained his regret at not greeting me at the dock, but that my father was very ill and chose not to leave his side.  He expressed his sorrow and fear that my father might not have long.  I sunk into the chair beside me as grief struck me.   He explained that a group of men had been hunting in the mountains and that my father’s horse had lost its footing and they had fallen a far distance down the side of the mountain.  My brother fell trying to get down to him and hit his head and died instantly.  I was suddenly filled with such anger at this injustice that I jumped to my feet and demanded to see my father immediately.  This gentle man calmly and respectfully took me to my father.  I fell upon him and cried for all the lost years, for my lost brother, for my lost childhood.  I stayed there and cried until no more tears could come.  And there I stayed for weeks.   I took over for the nurses, caring for his wounds and feeding him.  We shared our lives with words and emotion.  We mourned the bitter loss of my brother together as I learned of his life and all that made him the remarkable person that he had been.  I learned how he had loved me as a baby and worried for me all these years and had been so excited for my return.  My heart ached for my father and swelled with love just as it broke with pain.  I learned the workings of the castle and was introduced to its staff and had long conversations with many of the most important people that make this beautiful kingdom run smoothly.  The small moments of time I wasn’t with Father, Kiera claimed his time, chattering about books, horses, fighting, dresses, and boys she unabashedly admitted she liked.  Father adored her on sight and they spent much time with puzzles and games talking late into the e’en.  Her studies on hold during this time, she was allowed free reign to enjoy each moment she was able to take with her grandfather and to roam the castle and grounds with more freedom than she has e’er known ‘ore rushing back to share her adventures with him.  I hope each of those precious seconds she had with him stay with her always.  The days blended so quickly together.  Words cannot be written on these pages that could express the horrendous agony of watching my Father fading slowly away from us.  His wounds needed to be redressed more oft and his time for rest alone became more frequent.  I had a pressing issue on my mind that I was reluctant to bring up to father, but knew that I was running short on time.  I knew Father would not approve of me marrying beneath myself, but I threw myself before him on my knees and pleaded with my whole being for this one thing.  I bared my soul to him as I cried, begging not to be made to marry without love again.  Father reached toward me and wiped the tears from my cheeks.  He called his steward to him and his hands around mine and gave me his promise and his blessing.  He said that his baby girl had lived long enow in a miserable marriage and deserved happiness.  That my life in Spain was his greatest regret.  He told me he hoped to live to see me fall in love and marry.  We smiled but our eyes told the truth, we knew this would not be.  Father’s time was nearing an end. 


6 June 1557

The morning of my father’s passing he had his advisors come before us and witness his blessing for my marriage to a man of my choosing.  He would not use me as a bargaining chip again nor would anyone in our family.  Hours passed. With my heart breaking I sat beside my father while he took his last breath.  Kiera’s sobbing filled the castle.  The clouds grew dark and dense with the coming of the night and the summer air was thick and it seemed as if the whole island mourned the loss of a courageous and compassionate sovereign. 


My sister arrived the next day.  Too late to see either our father or brother, she threw herself into her anger and the plans needed for her to assume the throne.  As Heir Apparent she will rule the kingdom.  I shall be focusing mine energy on my daughter and helping to run the castle and the kingdom.


March 15th, 1558

We prepare to journey to France.  We shall visit friends of Albion for their annual festival, War of Fools.  Our family will travel aboard Angels Light, one of our smaller of Coreathea’s Naval ships under the guidance of Captain Nichols.  It has taken weeks of preparation to ready ourselves for travel.  Anticipation surrounds us from everywhere.


5 April 1558

Words could ne’r begin to express the feelings I am having.  I met the most inspiring man yesterday.  When our party of travelers arrived finally to the Kingdom of Albion I saw a man standing apart.  I was drawn to him as if being pulled in by a string of magic attached to mine insides.  We approached each other with a shy friendliness, yet all the same ‘twere clear that we were both bold and sure of whom we were and what we wanted.  We talked quickly and bluntly as people went about their business. We immersed ourselves in conversation with each other for hours sitting amongst my household, though I saw none but him before me.  I do not recognize this feeling that has my heart afire, but I fear it shall consume me in its flame.


9 April 1558

Travel is slow as we sail home from France.  I had intended to visit mine old home, but time is nothing but an endless pleasure as I spend each waking moment with Sir Quinlan, and I could not pull myself away from him.  He travels to Coreathea to spend more time with me, though we are not sure he will stay.  He has loyalties that pull him to other places, but one can hope.  I cannot bear the thought that we should be apart.  I enjoy his company as none other. He has mine ear and so soon hast already the yearnings of mine heart.


11 July 1558


Behind the castle there is a field of flowers that is so breathtaking that one can not help but be at peace while you stand amongst the trees of the forest and smell the sweet nectar from the blooming color all around.  ‘Twere there I was married to my Quinlan, with only our closest and most dear friends and family in attendance.  I imagined my father looking down upon us with my brother beside him.  We traveled through the kingdom in our carriage aft the ceremony celebrating with the people of Coreathea.


17 July 1558

The kingdom grows so swiftly weary of my sister.  She cares not for the people and they tire of her.  I find myself challenged to keep all at peace since her arrival.  Her consort loses the loyalty of the men quickly with his foul temper and sweet, but dishonest words that fall like honey yet burn like a poison.  They give and break promises as oft as we break bread for meals and complaints of them come to me faster than I can think to appease those that bring them.  Today I spoke with families while visiting the market with my ladies.  They expressed their concerns for our island and for what may come if this flawed leadership continues.  They confided to me they may soon feel compelled to leave.  I feel crushed by the burden of this discouraging news.  I would do anything I could not to lose good upstanding citizens of the kingdom, but feel a loss for what to do.


2 August 1558

Flawed as my sister’s leadership is, I have been working diligently behind the scenes learning to run the castle more efficiently and to work with those in prominent positions to further the kingdom.  I spend all my free time with Sir Quinlan, now a knight of our kingdom, and my precious Kiera.


3 August 1558

Always I be amazed by the swift stride of change.  My sister announced today during the House of Lords meeting that she and her consort would be leaving the kingdom.  This news caused only a small amount of concern, but my heart felt the rush of relief as the burden of their presence would soon be lifted.  Only two of the kingdom would leave beside them.  They had already arranged for their household to be crated and taken to one of our Naval ships so will be leaving this e’en.  No a single servant, nor lady chose to follow them. The people rejoiced as the dark cloud they brought upon us lifts to show us the sun shining down once again. 


7 August 1558

Chaos. The whole castle is in chaos as everyone rushes about franticly, needing decisions made for our future.  The House of Lords convenes daily making crucial decision.  I sit in leadership on this council.  All eyes follow me wherever I go.  I wish to rule this land as a Duchess, but I know that much more is expected of me.


18 August 1558

The decision was made.   I shall continue tradition and carry my father’s crown.  I was not raised to be a queen, not taught the inner workings of court and the art of politics.  I fear for my future and of the kingdom’s future now, more than e’er before.  My husband and daughter will stand beside me. This is my comfort.


20 August 1558

Our coronation will be in two weeks.  So soon.  My nerves are getting the best of me.  My ladies and I meet daily with Master Tailor for fittings for our gowns.  The jeweler is creating our crowns and chains of estate.  I chose not to wear my father’s crown or jewels, nor shall Quinlan.  It seems wrong somehow to wear his, though I know it breaks tradition, ‘tis my choice to do thus.  I hope deeply that I make him proud of me.



24 August 1558

Kiera and I rode Bessy and her stocky mare, Scooter, all about the grounds this afternoon to rest and gather our nerves.  I am amazed at the level of freedom I have here on the island.  I was weighed down by the repressive restrictions of Spain and even in France the rules which the Grand Duke, then my dear lady, put upon me.  I was ne’r allowed the freedom to wander alone.  There is no fear here of danger.  Though, as Queen, I shall be subject to stricter etiquette and expectations to guard myself, I will enjoy the freedom to wander about whilst I have it.


August 25th, 1558

Our formal courts are attended by the nobility of our kingdom as well as any of the island whom wish to journey to the castle.  ‘Tis a great time for all citizens to bring questions and concerns before us, as well as seeing fellow Coreatheans awarded for service, bravery, or given commendations of rank, knighting or other such important events in their lives..  I met Edvaard Draconhaus and his lovely wife Darrathea Draconhaus at our last court.  Their ship was blown off course by a storm before it crashed upon our shore.  Our inns are full with the passengers of their ship. 


26 August 1558

Much differs here than elsewhere.  The royal lineage falls from mother to daughter in Coreathea.  ‘Tis the accepted norm here, but so strange from mine and Kiera’s upbringing in France and Spain.  My father sent his girls away so that his only choice for an heir was his son.  Father felt his girls needed to be protected in their youth, I shan’t fault him for his choice.  My brother would have made a fine king. Kiera had in her heart she would be a princess so twas a great disappointment to her that Coreathea is unique in that certain training is expected before even she can assume any position.  There are ways still for her to climb in rank and even as my daughter to claim her inheritance as a princess, though this shall require much diligence and dedication on her part.  She must prove she has what it takes ‘ere being able to hold on her head the weight of a crown.  As it stands she shall be given the title of an unlanded lady, when she is ready.  For now though my sweet young girl is Kiera Margaurite Burleigh, Lady in waiting to her royal majesty, Queen Kathryne Isabela de Gaulle of Coreathea, and heir apparent to the Duchy of Margot.


2 September 1558

The High Steward ate beside me this fine fall day during my morning meal.  We spoke on much regarding Coreathea.  I love learning the history of the island, and the people that have lived here before me.  I yearn to know those that live here now in the villages and towns and even here on the castle grounds.  The morrow is our coronation.  I kept to my chambers today resting and thinking of this place I shall rule and all the beautiful people that live here.


4 September 1558

The sun setting down behind the mountains as the coronation began was perfection.  The Herald along with the chaplain led the ceremony.  I, flanked by our guards, stewards, and ladies, made our way toward court.  My Captain of the Guard, Sir William Pollock, offered encouragement as we approached.  The court was filled with many faces, both friends and those that were still strangers to me.  There were many guests from afar that had traveled from their lands for this ceremony, to honor me, our kingdom or their great friendship with my father and brother.  The ceremony was beautiful though I felt as though I were barely there as my nervousness took o’er my senses.  After I took my throne Sir Quinlan was called forth and was coronated as my King.  We shall rule this remarkable kingdom together, with love, honesty, and diligence.


22 October 1558

Oh we were truly much involved this last few weeks preparing for a great meeting of kingdom, merchants, and other friends.  We offered our home to entertain and care for a visiting King and Queen, as well as many other guests.  Jousting and tournaments, shopping, feasting, and great revelry for all was greatly enjoyed by all.  The royal family reveled in getting better acquainted with fellow Coreatheans and visitors alike.


1 January 1559

A magical holiday feast for all citizens started our 12 days of feasting and celebration of the season.  We exchanged gifts this e’en after taking several carriages into town.  The village and town children giggled and ran about us as we gave out gifts and threw coins.  Even Quinlan laughed and enjoyed the spirit of the season.  We warmed ourselves near the fire upon our return then gathered my beloved and Kiera and snuggled close together in mine outer chamber fighting the chill in the air of the library.  We enjoyed watching the fire a servant set ablaze.  His Majesty and I gave our gifts to the household, and then our personal servants whilst enjoying food, drink, and games with them.  Kiera was glowing in the outpouring of love from our extended family.  I am off to slumber after a perfect winter day.


12 January 1559

The whole world is white.  I rose early to see my mare and was quite shocked to see the sheet of white upon the ground.  Bessy neighed happily as I fed her sweet grain and apples.  I returned shivering to my chamber and snuggled against Quinlan’s warmth in the bed.  Our servants disappeared as I melted against his strong body and felt his waking embrace envelope me into his arms.  Yonder we stayed fighting the chill of the winter morrow.  I love him so completely and desperately.  I am complete with him beside me and can imagine no other way.


19 February 1559

Oh my heart wishes to burst from my chest!  I have been given the news that Serena is here on the island.  We have sent word to hear my uncle come play his music for our feast this e’en.  I can barely wait to set my eyes upon my beloved cousin.  I expect to see the coming of the dawn in the morrow as we learn of each other’s time spent during the last few years.


May 1559

Our long awaited Herald hath arrived.  Michel Coder was sent to us from the Duchy of Wurttenberg.  His cousin, the duke, offered him to us in a friendly gesture of friendship.  Now I must think upon what to send to him in response.


2 May 1559

We threw a grand party at the Western Port of Coreathea.  Surrounded by many of our Naval and merchant ships we embraced the coming of the night with feasting and merry making for all.  We invited friends of the kingdom near and far. Some friends with a shady history joined in the fun making the e’en most memorable.  We thinkst we will entertain a similar party again.  Much gratitude is felt for Lord Edvaard and Darrathea for all the hard work they put into this special day.


19 June 1559

We traveled most of the day high up on our tallest mountain starting very much ‘ere the dawn.  My ladies and I regretfully had no thought to bring cloaks or blankets and the chill was fierce against our skin.  In spite of this over thought, we had a wonderful time celebrating our friend Captain Jack’s birthday and sitting in the wilderness enjoying the warmth of a fire, the beauty of the stars with Michel Coder, and hearty song.


23 June 1559

His Majesty and Sir William introduced me to a young man today by the name of Conan Gilbert, who hast just arrived from Scotland.  He wishes to learn from Sir William the art of a blacksmith and to excel as a fighter in our kingdom.


26 June 1559

Our kingdom has much work this week as everyone prepares for the Festival of Lights.  Preparations are a bit daunting, but the merchants are busy preparing to sell fireworks and all are excited as this holiday to celebrate our freedom quickly approaches.


28 June 1559

The sun blazed a fiery inferno upon all who slaved readying for the start of the disbursement of the fireworks.  Children of all ages pushed forward to own their piece of fun ‘ere the merchants were even ready for them.  They were all pleased by the much anticipated arrival of merchandise.  I travel on the morrow to look upon the progress of our merchants.  I enjoy helping the children choose the object of their desire with Coreathea’s finest merchants.  I do so hope the sun does not o’erpower our senses with fainting and delirium!


29 June 1559

Everywhere I go I am surrounded by citizens and visitors alike.  Most of the island is now preparing for our annual Festival of Lights.  I spent the morning hours visiting with Magdellen, who lives near the castle in a small village where she grew up.  We busied ourselves with light work and gossiped away the morning.  As I rode back toward the castle in my carriage, I spied my love across the road assisting merchants.  I waited for him to join with me as I came across several friends whom were sitting with Kiera.  One of these was Petrus a close friend of the family’s, and ‘tis always such a great pleasure to see him.


30 June 1559

My coachman was chastised this morning for driving us a great distance the opposite direction than we needed to travel.  ‘Twas not such a disservice in thy end as we happen chanced met again with Alethia Green this day.  She is a kitchen worker for the castle and a local merchant from the same village.  This lovely women seemed quite fatigued, yet was in fine spirits as she prepared to begin her day.  After ensuring she had liquid nourishment we drove back toward the castle and beyond.  Once to my desired location I was greeted by Lord Edvaard Draconhaus, now a member of the House of Lords.  With he, I spent my morning hours.  I sat with he and others as fireworks were sold to Coreatheans through the oppressing heat of the day.



1 July 1559

I had no need to travel to town today, but restlessness inspired me to be dressed and traveling to visit with the townsfolk.  Much of the day was spent with wenches working the booths and Dirk and Catalan who are new to the island. They have thrown themselves into life here on Coreathea and I hope they find it joyous enow to stay.  I enjoyed the summer breeze when we were lucky enow to feel its kiss on this muggy hot e’en.  We sat listening to Darrathea play her lap harp.  We are all truly excited for the upcoming holiday.


2 July 1559

The morning sun shone too brightly this morn yet we made it to town and the sky was once again filled with clouds.  I must admit that is was most welcome.  Today I enjoyed hours of lovely company with a visiting lady of a far off empire.  She came to spend some time on the island from the Duchy of Cithara, and assisted in the preparation for the upcoming holiday.  ‘Twas much busier this day in town.  Kiera and I assisted painting signs and gathering new shifts for some of the merchants to wear.  The e’en was hot and balmy.  Kiera, Darrathea, Lady Serena and I sat into the late hours talking and harking to the sounds of the town ‘ere I returned with my family to the castle.


3 July 1559

His majesty and I will be going with our carriage to the docks to arrange to purchase the fireworks for the morrow.  The mugginess of the air that has pressed upon us has lifted, but so have the clouds.  We are left again exposed to the cruel glaring rays of the summer sun.  My head aches and sickness from the sun makes me happy ‘tis time for me to return to thy castle.  We shall eat our afternoon meal and have a few of our men run some errands for a local merchant friend of ours.  Thy town is bustling with excitement for thy morrow and thy streets have grown busier.  We head back to town in thy early e’en to enjoy thy company of friends.


4 July 1559

Thy long awaited Festival of Lights has arrived.. off we travel to town to see what thy day holds for us.


18 July 1559

Yesterday, while myself and my ladies were riding horseback through the Bramble Forest we heard the sound of arrows flying through the air.  My guards captured Catalan on the charge of hunting in private forest.  She was captured and brought before opening court this day.  As we begin our Annual Tournament this day, she claimed that she was practicing to participate in the archery tournament for she deeply desired a chance to compete without need to hide the fact that she is a woman.  I agreed and after much discussion with His Majesty we granted permission for her to compete as a woman.  She proved her case when she won the tournament beating out all the men that came to shoot their best.  When she approached us to accept her award she brought forth the former Commadore, Dirk Faraday who is deeply in love with her.  I invited them to join us for dinner and Catalan and I spoke long about her growing love for Dirk and her desire to stay in the Kingdom.  I decided to gift her the cottage in Bramble Forest near where she was arrested and hope that she will make it her home on the island.  I spoke with the king on considering her for a position as marshal.  She speaks much of her experience and long training in armor by her father. 


19 July 1559

At the closing of the Tournament today during our feast, Dirk came to thank me for our hospitality and informed me he too will be staying here on the island.  Now that Catalan has decided to stay here, he will be staying near to her.


3 September 1559

After an extended discussion at the Port Royale, at the Buck of the Star, discussing Dirk’s possible acceptance of Herald, His Majesty and I made a formal request that Dirk become the Court Herald at the castle.  To our delight, he hath accepted.


21 September 1559

We traveled to a village on thy far coast of thy island.  We brought musicians, and tent for temporary lodgings and enjoyed a full day of mingling with thy people of thy area. Clashing steel blades and swirling dresses moving in dance, spun sugar on sticks, and much time to converse with friends.  They paid 300 gold in taxes to thy Tax Collector which goes into thy kingdom coffers.  Much fun was had by all.  Our focus now turns full on to thy upcoming faire.  We will host a foreign king and look forward with much enthusiasm to our greatest celebration of thy year.  Thy castle bustles as no other time of thy year


23 January 1560

I was attacked by a savage dog today as I wandered the grounds.  Lady Penelope and other members of the HOL were with me and chased it off.  Not sure where the dog ended up, but I am sad it escaped to cause harm elsewhere. 


22 February 1560

As we prepare for an upcoming faire by thy Southern Boulders I have had much time to reflect on thy past months.  When I first arrived to this amazing isle, I labored to please everyone and have perfect harmony with all citizens and neighbors.  It burdens me that this isn’t to be perfectly so, but when personalities clash and feathers are ruffled ‘tis in thee end who stands strong beside us and we see those that would harm us leave.  And those that stay show their loyalty and love of this land and its people.  I have been learning that thy weight of a crown and chain is indeed heavy, but I wear it with growing pride and love as thy kingdom evolves and grows into everything I have dreamed of and more.


10 March 1560

The last few days have left me weak with exhaustion fighting off a sickness.  Last weekend we visited the Southern Boulders and had the most wonderful weekend faire.  Beautiful friends and family all in great spirits enjoying a beautiful moment in time.  We came together showing strength of spirit and love for one another making a rainy wet weekend a sunny warm day in all of our hearts that no weather could take away.  But though spirits were high, much of the kingdom has come down with illness.  Our Physicker is quite busy.  I wish all to find a quick path to healing.


3 January 1561

Our last Faire was lovely, yet very busy.  We pulled together all of the kingdom’s resources and granted a wish for a young citizen who is very ill.  I hope we gave him reason to be happy for a very long time.  A battle from heathen pirates came unexpected, but young Robert mounted his steed and went into battle bravely.  He honored us with his loyalty and friendship and his courageous fight inspired all our men and we were victorious.  Robert was knighted on the Field of Honor with a multitude in attendance.  He was approached by many bearing gifts and exclaimed that he enjoyed this historical day more than Christmas.  This was the highlight of everything I have ever done since becoming queen. It was a moment we shall all remember.  The holidays were beautiful, yet I found myself edgy and more stressed than usual.  I am happy it is time to continue with life as usual and the castle is ready to store away the décor and return to the boring, the normal, the plain…the expected, yet comforting.


29 March 1561

So much has changed within our Kingdom over the last year and then so little.  We traveled again this past weekend together to the Southern Boulders for yet another time of celebration and relaxation.  I suffered an injury before thy onset of the festivities, but ‘tis healing most well now.  Mathias, our Kingdom’s Physicker took great care of the wound and a local doctor used thread and a needle to sew together the opening.  “Twas not such an ordeal that I wish to go through again.  I am happy to be healing.  Thy faire was most wonderful in spite of the negatives at the start.  The kitchen did a remarkable job as always and the dining was overseen with a new head who proved a very diligent hard worker.  Our watch did well and as always, the guards were spectacular.  His Majesty and I both have new personal protectors post faire.  Lord Sir Edgar has been elevated to my personal guard and I am most pleased to have his companionship and care.  He is a dear friend and it comforts me to know that my safety is in such capable and caring hands.  I will remind myself of this the next time he insists I rest against my own will!  We had much fun with pirates and merchants from other realms and the days passed too swiftly.  Kiera became a lady of the court and I was most proud of her accomplishment.  She has begun the journey toward princess.  Time will now see if she completes the tasks of achievement set before her to earn her title in our Royal family. 


20 April 1561

Lord Sir Edgar Von Cramm asked permission to become His Majesty’s vassal and it was accepted.  The ceremony was last e’en prior to our monthly tournament.  I at some time caught a chill that has left me with a cough that seems most attached to me.  I hope each day to find it lessened but sadly even after much care from our Physicker it seems most persistent.  In spite of its relentlessness I enjoyed visiting with the people of Coreathea after court and even several visitors.


23 May 1561

Thomas Alexander de Gaulle became the first King of Coreathea in 1123 and immediately Coreathea became involved with their first crusades.  Though the military sent a rather large portion of the Coreathean army, they were withdrawn as soon as the crusaders started playing politics with Constantinople.  This dabble into religious politics set the course for Coreathea’s strong stance against religious intolerance and their lack of their own defined religious beliefs, instead leaving these decisions to individuals.  Upon his return to the kingdom, King Thomas commissioned the building of Alturius castle to be built in the North East side of the Isle nestled by cliff edged forest.  Not finished in his lifetime, the castle was seen to its completion by his youngest son, Michael and his sister Maude. They left the naturally fortified castle plans the same still believing the island was well protected by its resources.  Yet, they fashioned the castle as a fortress concerned that should any pirates or enemies scale the cliffs the castle itself should be a safehaven.   When Michael and his sons died at sea Maude became the first queen in her own right.  She and several generations of the rulers to follow only gave birth to daughters.  It was then that Coreathea began to officially pass the crown down to the eldest daughter or granddaughter.  In the absence of a daughter to inherit the crown it will be passed to a son, but the son then will pass it on to his daughter.  Very much the opposite of how most other sovereigns handle this. Now, this caused upheaval when my mother died.  When news reached the castle that my mother had died, none expected the kingdom to be put into the hands of my sister as she was just a child.  But debates grew heated as my mother’s children grew older and my father didn’t make any show of bringing us home.  He was accused of being power hungry although no one questioned his leadership as a kind and strong king.  But, father withstood the accusations in memory of my mother and his promise that our youth would be spent in such a way to spare us the burden of running a kingdom.  Many years before my return, Father went to visit my sister and was disturbed by his visit.  He wasn’t certain she was the correct hands to leave the kingdom in and he hesitated again.  It would be unprecedented to skip a child and he felt his hands were tied and continued on.  His death brought into leadership the person he was most concerned with and it turns out with good reason, yet he had hoped my presence would buffer this.  In the end all worked out most well.  I hear rumors of my sister’s whereabouts from time to time and I don’t find myself much interested.  We have no connection to one another anymore and it is for the best.  We can each work to build happiness for ourselves in our own ways, and I am most happy.

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